I was raised by a beautiful, artistic woman who constantly encouraged me to notice the world around me. My mother taught me to find wonder in the smallest things and so I grew up with a strong appreciation for nature, art, and expressing one's creativity.

From an early age, I loved moving my furniture around to give my bedroom a new "look." My parents were amazed by their seven-year-old daughter's physical strength, but the compulsion to create something new was a powerful force! Years later I still find it thrilling to assemble fabrics, furniture and all the elements of a beautiful room.

I think the emotional impact a home has on those who live there often goes unrecognized. The power of an attractively designed space can be tremendous. Giving my clients a place they look forward to coming home to is paramount. Creating beautiful, livable rooms to share with family and friends is the ultimate goal.

One day, a friend of mine was visiting and as she entered our home she said, "When I come in your house I just feel...ahhh. It's so welcoming and warm." That's my mission statement in a nutshell!